Five years ago I was struggling to find a reason to get out of bed each day.  I was in the process of leaving an old life and working to create a new one. The transition was overwhelming, messy, and heartbreaking.  I found myself in a deep depression that felt impossible to shake.

The Healing Power of Nature

I spent 1000s of hours in the woods as a child. However, 20 years later, I was solidly disconnected from Mother Nature. Thankfully, hope showed up in a random article about the healing power of hiking.

A month later after reading about the healing power of hiking, I found myself with a like-new pair of hiking boots off of eBay and a daypack with a water bladder.  That was all I owned, but I felt like a very fancy hiker!

Since I lived right outside of Baltimore, my hiking started with long walks in the woods with no mountains in sight.  But the hours I spent in the woods, most of the time with a baby on my back, saved my life.


Hiking Toward Healing

One foot in front of the other, I walked toward healing.  The crumbling relationships and general chaos of my life was still a reality, but when I put on my boots and walked in the silence in the woods, they seemed to fade into the background.

As I hiked, I focused on making it up the hills, focused on my breath,and focused  on how my legs were taking me somewhere new. I reconnected with the wild child within and felt the pieces of my heart begin to mend.

The challenges were still there, but I felt so much stronger and able to handle it all.  (Side note: There are lots of science-y things to support this healing in nature, but that’s a deep dive on the interwebs for another day!)

women hikers in front of a waterfall

One Step at a Time

If you are also in need of healing as I was–and who among us isn’t?–then let my story be the article of hope you read that sparks your re-connection with Mother Nature.  Because the hope I found in those first fledgling hikes led me to create a life I love here in Utah.

To climb peaks with those same boots – slightly worse for wear now!

To form new relationships on trails, with a pack on my back and under the stars in the wilderness.

To heal.

Now I laugh with a lightness I never knew I could experience. Now I do it with amazing women I meet through the Wine Hiking Society. All thanks to taking one step at a time.

Life is hard, but a hike can help.

Life is hard, but a hike with other women can heal.