Women's Wine Hiking Society™

Empowering women in the outdoors while hitting happy hour on the trail

Providing a Safe, Supportive Group for Women

What makes this hiking group unique–besides the wine–is our no-judgment attitude and commitment to supporting ALL women, regardless of who they are or where they are on the journey of life!

I came across the Wine Hiking Society in one of the loneliest times of my life. Through this group, I was introduced to a community of women I didn’t know existed, a community I didn’t know I could be a part of. I’ve been able to tag along on some of the most epic adventures I’ve had thus far. My life is much brighter with this group in it.

Tissiana P.

“At 59, I love the mountains more than ever. There is no age in the hills with this group: just peace, likeminded women, and some pretty good beverages. Love these ladies.”

Kari M.

Upcoming Events

From day hikes and backpacking trips, to weekend getaways and wine tastings, if you’re looking to explore the outdoors and socialize with other empowered women in a judgment-free environment, grab your hiking shoes and get signed up to hit the trail for happy hour.

2021 Wine Hiker Hiking Challenge

Part of our mission as the Women’s Wine Hiking Society is to empower other women to discover their strength and ability through the outdoors. Although a love of hiking (and wine, obviously) is what brings us to this group, it’s the encouragement and support from other women that makes this community strong. 

Join our community in motivating each other to get outside more this year and with other women by signing up for our 2021 Wine Hiker Hiking Challenge.

The Latest from Our Blog

When you hike with a group of women, the chance of seeing wildlife goes way down. But, the chance you’ll make a new friend, have great conversation, learn something new, gain a different perspective, or try peanut butter whiskey for the first time is 100%. Check out our blog for gear guides, tales from the trail, hiking highlights, and more and see why this is the group for you.

Prevent Hiking Injuries with These 8 Movements

Prevent Hiking Injuries with These 8 Movements

Whether you’re planning to hike through the winter or are getting ready to hit the trail in the spring, ambassador and physical therapist Dr. Sam Martino has some injury prevention tips to keep you safe and healthy on the trail.

In this blog post, Dr. Sam Martino starts with the basics of winter hiking gear and nerds out a little on the science of injury prevention before providing some movements you can do at home or outside.

Mulled Wine Atop Malan’s Peak

Mulled Wine Atop Malan’s Peak

Back in June, a group of us wine hikers had planned to enjoy some mimosas on top of Malan’s Peak. That summer morning, we woke to beautiful sunny skies with a few scattered clouds. In true 2020 fashion, with less than a mile of our ascent to go, lightning lit up the sky, thunder clapped loudly above us, and rain began to downpour. We made the tough but responsible and safe decision to turn around and head back down. We were SO close!

The Bells Canyon Back-up Plan

The Bells Canyon Back-up Plan

Saturday, January 30, was supposed to be our boozy coffee and donuts hike at Donut Falls. But Mother Nature had other plans for us. After not getting much snow all winter, a storm brought 14 inches of fresh powder in some areas of Big Cottonwood Canyon, which is where Donut Falls is.

With high avalanche risk and increased traffic up the canyon because of all the new powder, we decided to come up with a plan B(ells Canyon).

More Alike Than Different

On every group hike we do, you’ll hear women, many of whom have just met, say things like, “Wow. That sounds just like what I’m going through.” “Oh my god, that sounds just like my situation.” Most our lives, we women are made to feel in competition with each other, to see other women as the enemy. We get caught up in gossiping and tearing each other down to make ourselves feel better.

But when it comes down to it, as women, many of us have the same struggles, the same insecurities. As women, a lot of us are fighting the same battles.

The Wine Hiking Society is about more than hiking and wine. Those are just the common interests that bring us together. We’re about empowering women to enjoy the outdoors, to see how capable they are.

sisterhood | sis·ter·hood | noun

1) the relationship between sisters. 2) a feeling of kinship with and closeness to a group of women or all women. 3) an association or community of women linked by a common interest.

Don't Miss a Beat!

As women, we’re not always encouraged from a young age to get into the outdoors. It can be very intimidating to get into hiking or backpacking, especially when you grow up feeling like you don’t belong in the outdoors, like it isn’t a place for you. There’s no better way to remove some of the fear of the outdoors–and of making new friends–than to get out with a group of supportive women (and a glass of wine, of course).

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