Back in June, a group of us wine hikers had planned to enjoy some mimosas on top of Malan’s Peak. That summer morning, we woke to beautiful sunny skies with a few scattered clouds. In true 2020 fashion, with less than a mile of our ascent to go, lightning lit up the sky, thunder clapped loudly above us, and rain began to downpour. We made the tough but responsible and safe decision to turn around and head back down. We were SO close!

Fast forward six months and another group of us wine hikers—this time led by ambassador Alessandra Coote—began the 2221 ft ascent to the top of Malan’s Peak. Rather than mimosas, this time we had thermoses full of mulled wine to warm us atop the peak on a wintry day.

Unlike our attempt six months prior, this time around we were gifted with beautiful blue skies! The trail to the top was a steady grind that had us quickly shedding layers. After a steep three miles to the top, we settled into our backpacking chairs and sipped some mulled wine while we enjoyed the amazing views with even better company.

“Yesterday did a hike with a local ladies hiking group who love wine as much as I do! First time hiking with spikes. First time walking with hiking sticks. First time drinking wine on a hike. First time not getting anxious on the decline. And I did it with an amazing friend! Love these adventures. No regrets only more wine drinking!”
Tricia G

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Written by Angelique Fish

Written by Angelique Fish


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