Our International Wine Hike & Tasting Party was a big success. We started the afternoon with a gorgeous fall hike before sampling wines and food from more than 10 countries. The wines and food paired excellently with the golden fall colors.


What started as a dreary, raining morning turned into a lovely sunny day, just in time for our 4.8-mile roundtrip hike to the Salt Lake Overlook. We were surrounded by brilliant reds, oranges, and golds, as we caught the last of the fall colors before the trees finished shedding their leaves for the year.

Once we finished the hike, we began setting up for the international tasting part of our event. Each person brought wine and a snack from their chosen country to share with the group. If you’ve ever attended one of our events, you know that we LOVE wine, but we might love snack time even more! Look at that amazing spread!

After we went to work on the food, we all took turns talking about the wine we brought. One of our wine hikers named Rachel—pictured in the blue pants—chose Hungary as her country for the tasting event. Because people can’t have wine shipped to their homes in Utah, Rachel had the wine shipped to her sister in Wisconsin, where she happened to be headed to visit. Rachel then brought the wine back with her as she and her sister road tripped all the way from Wisconsin to Utah. Talk about dedication!

Written by Angelique Fish

Written by Angelique Fish


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